A Brand New Disney Masterpiece: Mulan

A Brand New Disney Masterpiece: Mulan

After 22 years, the 1998 Disney classic animated film “Mulan” was finally transformed into a live action movie. This Mulan movie was played on Disney + for $ 30 and was joined by other successful adaptations like “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” and “Beauty and also the Beast.” Its original release date was set in March this year, but like everything else in 2020, it had been postponed thanks to the coronavirus.
Following the story of the Hua family, Mulan pretends to be a person to guard her weak and weak father and addresses the imperial army on her father’s behalf. Okay, are you catching up? ! what’s the role of
The highlight of Mulan was when Liu was fighting an evil army. Liu Yifei’s fight scenes are in no time, 90% of which are filmed by herself, which is impressive. The avalanche part is my favorite scene because it’s near what happens in an animated movie. the mixture of lovely photographs and her fight scenes is fascinating, and this can be where Mulan really shines.

Although Jet Li, Gong Li, and other big-name celebrities were present, the supporting role that actually impressed me was Dong Zong played by Donnie Yen. Hua Mulan’s so-called lover Hong Hui (An Yousen) is incredibly charming, but he’s just another background figure added to support Liu’s Hua Mulan. This movie also has an Asian international star lineup, which is sort of a powerful agent between the rich and crazy Asians in Asia. It’s great. But the sole hidden egg that I had to read was the looks of Ming Nawen, who dubbed the animated Mulan and unexpectedly appeared as a court announcer.

Yes, I missed the catchy music and talking animals within the 1998 animated film. i do not think this movie is magical, but it’s some CGI. I just hope they’ll put Mulan’s partner Mu Shu on the screen. , I hope it says “Insult your cow!”, But i’m surprised by the impressive Chinese background and therefore the high-stakes fights. And there are many. Level PG13, this “Mulan” could be a more violent interpretation of the old story. The lucky cricket doesn’t have a remarkable grandmother; many enemy soldiers were shot dead by arrows.
can we like it?

We did it. i need to say that it’s very different from the animated version. I’m undecided to call it the live-action version of “Mulan” because it lacks music and lots of characters. I call it the restructure of Mulan. The message of honor and family is empowering, rich and exquisite. This movie is visually stunning, with many wonderful action shots. We like martial arts performances. The movie is incredibly long (2 hours). Still, it’s hard to not compare the remake to the first, especially if you are a longtime fan like me. a way to watch
you want to subscribe Disney +. Disney + will provide premium access to “Mulan” at a price of $ 29.99. After you get “Mulan” Premier Access, you’ll be able to watch it however you wish. For me, it’s worthwhile to take a seat on a snug sofa and appearance at it again and again. Or if you would like to attend, it’ll be free in December.


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