Detailed Analysis Of Blue Jay

The story tells the story of two highschool lovebirds, Jim and Amanda, meeting during a supermarket a few years later. After a series of awkward exchanges, they decided to spend the remainder of the day together, recalling the past and having fun.
The opening sequence attracted me from the start. The fascinating shooting of trees creates a hypnotic effect, which i actually like.
The plot of this movie is incredibly simple. There are only two characters within the entire movie. this is often the story of Jim and Amanda, they’re the sole two people visible on the screen (except Winnie). thanks to this, Lan Jie rings a bell in my memory of the pre-dawn trilogy, but this can be the similarity.

Jim and Amanda’s conversation is so heartfelt that their meeting always appears like it happened in reality, instead of filmed on camera. The contrast between their personalities is incredibly obvious. Although Jim could be a very emotional and tolerant person, Amanda is more composed and responsible.
The amazingness of Sarah Paulson never ceases, and her various roles prove it. Your portrayal of Amanda is extremely good. From a clumsy smile to a tragic, nostalgic face, I’m in awe of his performance.
There are many unforgettable scenes during this movie, however, what touched me the foremost was the social dancing to No More “I Love You” by Annie Lenox.
This scene could be a perfect combination of intimacy and nostalgia. The close-up of the camera only adds to its beauty. Once, I almost felt that I interrupted the couple’s private moments.

The concept of black and white photography has not yet been utilized in contemporary movies. Lan Jie uses monochromatic color to shoot, mainly emphasizing nostalgic themes and poignant plot. Although I appreciate this bold move, it feels a touch out of place within the movie scene.
Malcom & Marie is one in every of the simplest samples of black-and-white photography in modern film, and is tied with Schindler and Frances Ha’s list.
From the start, the most important mystery of the couple was, why did they part ways?
At the top of the play, the explanation why the characters aren’t together is revealed, and also the episode reappears. i believe keeping the explanation for revealing the key to the audience will increase the depth of the plot and make it more memorable. New World jay could be a very short and fast watch (only 80 minutes), but it’ll stick with you for a protracted time. This movie is bittersweet, and if you’re like Jim, it’ll definitely cause you to cry.

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