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As the saying goes, “Friends are forever.” Director Kelly Reichart adapted the novel “Half Life” by writer Jonathan Raymond to point out us the story of two friends within the vast Old West who persisted until death to separate them. “The First Cow” is portrayed by John Magaro as a chef named Otis “Cookie” Figowitz, while Orion Lee portrays Jinlu, a Chinese immigrant. His moving story of union and compassion is bound to thrill anyone.
The story begins today: a lady (Alia Shawkat) walks a dog by the river. Here, he found two skeletons side by side in a very shallow grave.

The history of those two skeletons dates back to 1820 in Oregon. It tells the story of two men, one is that the traveling chef Otis “Cookie” Figowicz, and also the other is that the Chinese immigrant Golden Deer, wanted for the murder of a Russian man. within the 19th century, most Americans moved west to Oregon Territory to begin a replacement life. Cookie, joined of them, met Lu. They decided to open a bakery together.
Two friends: John Magaro (right) as chef Otis “Cookie” Figowitz in First Cow and Orion Lee (left) as Chinese immigrant KingLu in First Cow. But the most ingredient your bakery needs is fresh milk. Now your main concern is getting milk in how. During this era, a wealthy Englishman named Chief Factor (Toby Jones) was the sole person within the area with a correct settlement. additionally, he also owns the primary cow within the area!
Cookie had the thought of ​​using that milk for her food. He told Lu what he thought, and that they planned to sneak into Chief Factor’s mansion to steal milk at midnight. After that, they started milking regularly at midnight when nobody saw them. They started making delicious cupcakes and snacks and even sold them to the most factor! The boss didn’t know that these sandwiches were made with their own milk.
Toby Jones is First Cow’s divisor.

Over time, they made huge profits. Cookie wants to finish the bakery business and still cooperate with Lu. However, Lu just wanted to sell another batch of cookies. so that they decided to exploit the cow for the last time.
But his luck was bad. once they did this, they were spotted by one among the patriarch’s men now. They escaped. However, this news became the most factor. The boss sees them as a threat to his property and decides to trace down and kill them.
When escaping, he was almost captured by the patriarch’s men several times. The biscuit fell from the mountain once, hurting his head, and also the path went astray. When the 2 met again, Cookie aggravated his feelings that he was too weak to stay up with him, and ran away with him. So Lu Yi decided to accompany him and lie beside him. She even comforted him and told him they’d be safe. However, what they didn’t know was that the chief’s gunman had tracked down Cookie and was able to take action against them. The film ended up allowing the audience to interpret their destiny.

I feel First Cow is directly impacted by the American Capitalist Market and therefore the ‘American Dream’ “. you will see our heroes, Cookie and Lu, visit the Chief Factor’s mansion, stocking up freshly baked Krafties. Here, you will see the Chief teaching his guest (Scott Shepard), a captain, the punishment of the unskilled workers. i believe this directly reflects the “class struggle” that prevailed within the u. s. within the 19th century. This battle that supports the polarization of the rich and therefore the poor is that the cornerstone of the capitalist market.
Tribute to Golden Deer’s appropriate dialogue to friends: “People like us, cookies, we’ve to travel our own way. For us, there’s no emperor’s outline and no fashionable color. We must be able to do so. Go well after you arrive. “I think Lu gave the precise answer here on how the poor can survive within the class-conscious capitalist scene.
Beautiful photos
To be honest, i feel Christopher Blauvelt’s photos in First Cow are great. Country West Oregon is gorgeous Representative! De! Personally, i’m fascinated by such picturesque farmland and rural scenery. If this can be really the background of the Old West, i might rather settle there within the 18th or 19th century. Just kidding, sad It’s that I sleep in India and that i must attend America first before I can return in time.

I believe the “First Cow” script is simply too slow. If you’re a disciple of fast and energetic action movies or thrillers, this might not be for you! The plot goes so well that you just start to feel a touch bored. But trust me, once you understand the concept of this movie, you may be absorbed in an exceedingly full 2 ​​hours of running time! this can be the spell that First Cow casts on the audience.
additionally, i feel the movie setup took unnecessary time period. Reichardt may consider editing and cutting some parts to cut back their period.
the start and ending scenes are uncertain.

In the opening scene, when the woman took her dog for a walk along the river, she would find two skeletons side by side, belonging to 2 friends, Biscuit and Golden Deer. But wait! The movie never mentions that these two skeletons are Cookie and Lu. Already assumed!

Reichardt leaves the ending of the story completely inconclusive, and Lu sleeps along with his friend during the crisis. Maybe they were killed by the boss’ henchmen. Or it’d be otherwise that followers will never get them. Cookie may have died from his injuries, and Lu left afterwards. So there’s just one skeleton during this place. However, let the audience think that only these two skeletons exist. who knows? !
When he was dying, Lu gave Cookie to accompany him

Two skeletons were found by the river, it’s said that they belonged to Cookie and Lu
. If you request from me, i believe the title of this friendship story it would be more appropriate than “The First Cow”. i believe this beautiful cow named Ivy within the movie is over just her mate. The cow lost his wife and calf, and both died on the thanks to Oregon. This makes her the sole cow within the territory. Or shouldn’t this movie be called “The Last Cow”? ! However, seriously, i feel this movie explores the complex relationship between animals and humans. After all, the cow let two strangers milk her!

within the current pandemic of the collapse of the planet financial system, I firmly believe that “The First Cow” could be a suitable movie. Then why not? on balance, it shows two people struggling to form a living during a world ruled by capitalists. If this economic downturn continues, i believe the world economy may decline to the purpose where some people will soon find themselves within the position of Cookie and Lu.
In general, i believe First Cow is a motivating story about true friendship. Magaro and Lee beautifully displayed their respective roles, Cookie and Lu. His performance touched my heart. Lu change posture with the injured Cookie, trying to find the ultimate scene of the destiny that’s destined to be exciting. I bet you rarely meet a sincere friend like Lu. He could have considered his safety well and let Cookie die in his confident hands, but he didn’t! Even at the time of death, it’s been with him. I welcome such a real friendship. Live together and die together. In my opinion, this is often the essence of true friendship!

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